The benefits of using types of Automatic Radiative Barbecues (Radiative Oven of Al Saed Company)

Radiative Barbecue or Radiative Oven designs in a way that cook kebab without smoke and burning.  This machine by transferring the quick radiative heat , cook  kebab completely that make not to lose the meat juice and other nutritive materials of kebab.

In the following process of cooking kebab, an equal heat with a mild slope transfer from the outer surface of kebab to the inner layers and make kebab cook completely.

Barbecue of Al Saed Industrial Group is a suitable suggestion for types of medium and large kitchens that make you be able to cook lots of kebab in a short time with a high and various qualities.

Benefits of Radiative Barbecue

prevent from smoking and burning the outer surface of kebab

capability of cooking kebab completely with an equal heat

capability of cooking lots of kebab in a short time with a various and great quality (suitable for restaurants, hotels, industrial kitchens and the other cooking food centers)

cover the machine with a washable steel plate

significant saving of energy and cost of cooking kebab (minimum gas and electricity consumption)

he capability of cooking types of kebab (kubideh , chicken and …)

Al Saed Industrial and Manufacturing Group introduces two its products:

Automatic Radiative barbecue model: PS1200K

Automatic Radiative barbecue model:PS1000k

Al Saed Industrial Group manufactures these machines after studying and considering the excising problem in traditional ways (like: muscle aches, disregarding the health principles and low speed) and also by considering the defects of existing machines with modem knowledge and also economical saving.

This machine is manufactured in 4 models: 400, 700, 1000 skewers and also Radiative Barbecue (Double).


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