Electric steam warmer container

The wet stove is the most suitable device for keeping stews and rice in industrial kitchens. It is designed and manufactured in two two-door and four-door models. To improve the quality, taste, freshness and storage conditions, the double walled oven and ceramic wool insulation are designed. A thermometer is also used to control the internal heat of the device. Due to the humid environment of the stove, the quality of the food is maintained and the ability to keep food longer. As a result, the temperature of the stove will be uniform.

Technical Specifications Wet stove:

  • Serving capacity: 250-500 people
  • Body Material: All stainless steel
  • Contains 10 containers of bin Marie 1.1 (15 cm, 20 cm) for the two-door model
  • Contains 20 containers of bin Marie 1.1 (15 cm, 20 cm) for the four-door model
  • It has a temperature display and adjusts the temperature to 100 ° C
  • Stainless steel door or glass door
  • Body Material: Alloy 304
  • Ability to work with electricity or gas
  • Can be used behind self-service lines
  • Multiple moving drawer

Other benefits of a wet stove include ease of movement, excellent quality, reasonable price, energy saving, easy washing and food storage over a long time without decreasing quality.

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