Vacuum Sealer NPR200

Vacuum Sealer NPR200, ability to vacuum and gas injection (MAP) with Rotating Mold Suitable for Packing Highly Durable Foods, Including a variety of protein raw materials, processed protein materials, aquatic (fish and shrimp) , meat products, prepared and semi-prepared foods (frozen and fresh) , vegetables (frozen and fresh) , salads (fruits, vegetables, pasta, etc.) , dried fruits, dates, types of cheeses, ice cream are in containers of PP, PET, PE etc.

The gas injection system or vacuum pump installed on the device causes the air inside the package to be drained and filled with food preservative gases (N2 & CO2) instead. These preservatives gases are needed to maintain the quality, color and taste of the food. This prevents mold, odor and spoilage of packaged foods.

Technical benefits of NPR200 Vacuum Sealer include ease of molding in the shortest possible time, three phase power, two-part rotary molding system to prevent time wastage, PLC control system, vacuum and gas vacuum sensor control, sewing time and temperature control, Color Touchscreen, Display Status and Parameters on the Display, Elevator System in Mold, Possibility of Installing a Photocell Using Printed Layer Film, Functional Cycle Counter, Roll Opening System, Automatic waste film picker System, Emergency key in case of emergency, Full body steel, Possibility to build second mold on order, ability to move the device, It is possible to use the vacuum pump motor with a capacity of 40, 100, 200 m3 on request and easy access to all parts.

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Additional information


5.5 Kwh



Weight of machine:

250 Kg

Production Speed:

2-6 cycles per minute

Vacuum Pump Power:

40 m3/h

Container Dimensions:

390*290*100 mm

Maximum container height:

140 mm

Maximum film width:

480 mm

Maximum dimensions of single container mold:

385*275 mm

Maximum dimensions of two-sided mold:

180*275 mm

Maximum Three-Dimensional Mold Dimensions:

115*275 mm

dimensions of the device:

1150*1100*1500 mm


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