Stainless steel service trolley

One of the most useful equipment in industrial kitchens and restaurants is Trolley.

 This is a multipurpose and unique trolley made of stainless and high-grade raw materials, with a beautiful design, resistance and efficiency and noiseless running wheels.

This trolley has been tested in the laboratory for impact tests, weight and heat tests. It has three floor. the feature and distinction of this trolley towards other similar products is in its solid pillar that makes it beautiful with a high durability.

Al Saed industrial group, is one of the supplier company that offers the products with the modern technology.

 This is a three-floor trolley for carrying food stuff and dishes, utilizable in kitchens, restaurants, hotels and fast-food centers. The body of it is made of stainless steel.

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Additional information




.5 m3


89 cm Lenght , 56 cm width , 100 cm Height

Body material:

stainless steel


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