Stainless steel work table

Steel workbench is one of the most indispensable equipment of industrial kitchens. Steel workbench is highly resistant and also hygienically approved because of its steel sheet construction. It is often used in industrial units such as restaurants, catering, fast food, coffee shops, pastries and cooking units to prepare food for cooking or serving food. The price of a stainless steel kitchen table is determined by the size and custom dimensions.

 Al Saed Industrial Group offers its workbench Steel and can be customized  according to customers’ requirements.

These dimensions can be customized by the customer. The table can also be supplied in either stainless steel or Teflon.

Traditional kitchens produce all kinds of central, wall, movable workbench in any size that is appropriate for the restaurant kitchen.

In fast food is often used alongside pizza ovens and under a variety of grills and used next to the chef’s hand.

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