Shrink Packing Machine NP70

Shrink Pack NP70 Packaging Machine is suitable for packing all kinds of products including food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, hygienic, etc, because of the larger cabin dimensions it is suitable for packing all kinds of products without limitations including plastic, pharmaceutical, pastries and more.

Technical Benefits of Shrink Pack Cabinet Packing Machine NP70 can be single phase power (low power), Digital board system, 6 working memory programs, magnet to lock cabinet door automatically, perforation to enhance product shrink quality, ceramic stitching , Height adjustability, usability of PVC and POF shrink films, electrostatic and shockproof paint, ease of movement and easy operation.

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Additional information


4-4,5 kWh


220-240 volts

Weight of machine:

153 Kg

Production Speed:

200-250 per hour

Maximum product height:

300 mm

Max Roll Width:

700 mm

Sewing Frame Dimensions:

600*800 mm

Adjustable height:



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