An industrial scrubber is an industrial cleaning machine that is specially designed for simultaneous washing and drying of a variety of floor surfaces. This machine , also known as industrial ground washer , can be used on a variety of surfaces including stone , ceramics , parquet , concrete , etc.

The use of industrial scrubber in addition to increasing the quality of washing also increases the speed of operation. This means reducing the number of manpower needed to clean and clean the land in a given environment.

On the other hand, when using this device , water and detergent consumption will be reduced . Reducing manpower and consuming resources will reduce costs. But the economic benefits are not the only reason for the use of scrubbers and the use of this device improves environmental health and safety. The many benefits of scrubbers have led us to use these efficient machines today in a variety of places from shopping centers to religious sites and industrial environments such as factory production halls and industrial warehouses.

The device will also find its place in residential complexes for lobby and hotel cleaning.

Today scrubbers are available in a variety of models in terms of conductivity, power supply, type and number of brushes, washing width and capacity of the tanks.

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