Sandwich maker

Sandwich maker is a plate electric apparatus used for quick making of sandwiches and snacks.

This machine works by placing special square bread inside the machine, pouring the sandwich material under the bread and placing the other bread on the sandwich material and closing the machine door, so In a few minutes, the device lights up to indicate the sandwich is ready, and you can eat the warm sandwich.

The sandwich is cooked in the machine. One of the features and reasons for using it is that there is no oil in the machine for cooking, resulting in a healthy food. The sandwich maker, also known as the snack maker, is useful for cooking snack sandwiches.

Technical Specifications of Sandwich Maker:

  •     It has 16 holder
  •    Features two separate 500 watts elements (to turn off 8 more holders if no other half is needed)
  •      Molds: Teflon
  •      Body Material: Steel
  •      Heavy door for better pressing
  •      Temperature adjustment degree

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