Salamander AS1100K2

Radiative barbecue salamander AS1100K2 is used in restaurants as a convenient tool for cooking a variety of barbecues and barbecue chickens. The ability to cook oil-free barbecues with time and energy saving is a special feature of salamander barbecue.

This machine performs cooking through refractory ceramics embedded on top of the machine. In this machine, skewer must be rotated by hand to cook on both sides of the barbecue. The performance of this machine is similar to AS1100K1 just different in terms of cooking capacity.

Radiative Salamander AS1100K2 has advantages such as good appearance quality, ability to control cooking temperature uniformly, uniform cooking, smokeless cooking and energy saving.

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Additional information

dimensions of the device:

140*48*150 cm

Weight of machine:

140 Kg

Adjustable height:


Baking Capacity:

20 Skewer

Gas consumption:

Optimum and low 3.1 m3 / h

Barbecue length:

35 cm

Body Material :

Stainless Steel


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