Salamander AS1000K

Radiative barbecue salamander AS1000K is used in restaurants as a convenient tool for cooking barbecue and barbecue chickens. the ability to cook oil-free barbecues, time and energy saving is a special features of salamander barbecue. On the other hand, there are other types of salamander that are used in fast food as a convenient tool for cooking hamburgers, steaks, mushrooms and so on. the machine cooks through the heat radiated from the top.

In less than 6 seconds, the salamander of Al Saed Company obtains suitable heat for cooking. And with a 65% savings on energy consumption, this is the most appropriate offer for buying a barbecue.

The body is made of stainless steel (hence, it is recommended that the machine be washed daily with warm water and detergent. Also for surface cleaning and disinfection. Do not use steel wool, abrasive cloth or powder, and wood or nylon can be used if the machine is not wiped.

Other benefits of the Salamander AS1000K Radiative baebecue include the ability to control the cooking temperature uniformly, with good Appearance quality, uniform cooking, smokeless cooking and energy saving.

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Additional information


In both conventional and salamander rail models.

types of:

20-30-40 Skewers

Adjustable height:


dimensions of the device:

50*150*45 cm


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