Salad Bar

Salad Bar is one of the industrial kitchen equipments and they are used to provide food in restaurants and halls. The salad bar is commonly used in self-service, halls and restaurants that make the choice of food for the customer.

The full-service salad bar also offers a variety of meals to the customer, but the restaurant and fast-food owner should prepare the order. The self-service consists of several types of counter, with different applications, each with different dimensions. The salad bar table is offered in three types: one-side, two-sides and full-service.

Specifications of salad bar table:

The machine frame is made of steel cans and the body of the machine is in accordance with customer’s request and is made of stainless steel sheet, wood and stone. The surface is designed based on Ben Marie’s size 1.1 and can be used with sizes of 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6.

The lower part of the device (storage and charging area) is manufactured according to customer requirements in the form of refrigerator/ warm and it is designed and manufactured in standard and custom dimensions.

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