Rice cooker

The rice cooker is one of the primary necessities of catering and restaurants that want to serve rice food. This gas is produced in a simple, furnace model. The difference between the two models is that the furnace model produces more heat. The furnace model also uses a furnace with a power of about 25000 kcal / h. This, in turn, increases the power of the stove. This stove is produced in two rows, three rows and four rows.

Exterior dimensions of the oven:

  • Double row cooker oven: 50 Length * 50 Width * 65 Height (Dimensions in cm)
  • three row cooker oven: 75 Length * 75 Width * 65 Height (Dimensions in cm)
  • four row cooker oven: 95 Length * 95 Width * 65 Height (Dimensions in cm)

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Additional information

Stove body material:

Stainless steel sheet 2 mm thick

Cast iron high pressure flame and torch


Steel case:


Gas cut-off valves:


Heat power:

180000 BTU per hour

Plumbing Material:

stainless steel


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