Under counter chiller & freezer

Refrigerator is known with another names like chiller too. The preserving temperature of refrigerator is +2  to +8 centigrade.

One of the main factor in quality of baking food is raw materials and maintenance conditions. Due to the fact that foodstuffs should be stored in proper temperature and light conditions, industrial kitchens need refrigerator with the world standards to keep foodstuffs, Therefore, from the design stage of the kitchen, the location of the refrigerator should be intended to be accommodated in the construction stage of the kitchen.

Al-Saed Co. active in consulting, designing, manufacturing and implementing kitchen equipment, self-services and the restaurant refrigerating section, Provides refrigerating services to restaurants, hotels and industrial kitchens.

The products that can be keep in refrigerator include: Vegetables, Meat, Fruits, summer crops, Dairy, Flowers and Plants, Medicines and more. 

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