Combination Ovens(Rational )

Whether you want to cook, steam, roast or even bake, making a wide variety of food within a single unit has never been easier than with the Rational Combination Ovens! , this oven’s patented Self Cooking Control offers seven convenient cooking modes so that no matter what you’re making, the unit will detect product-specific requirements as well as the product size and load size to give you perfect results every time. Or, for the more experienced chef, you can take complete manual control over the cooking process with steam, convection, and combination cooking modes!

Thanks to its unique HIDensityControl technology, the unit’s steam saturation is set at maximum levels for optimal performance. Steam originates from the pressureless fresh steam generator, boasting both automatic filling and decalcification for outstanding performance and ease of use. To guarantee even, consistent results with or without steam, the unit also features dynamic air mixing, which is made possible by a programmable, 5 speed, reversing wheel fan that efficiently circulates air throughout the chamber. All of these functions ensure that the chamber is as effective an environment for cooking applications as possible!

With easy-to-use touchscreen controls, the unit allows you to select from a wide variety of convenient modes and features, including the remote control function, record mode, and on-screen access to user manuals. During the cooking process, the screen graphically displays the current and projected chamber climates, as well as a set of options to help complete cooking. As you use the oven, it learns your typical means of operation, successfully adapting to your kitchen’s specific cooking procedures to provide you with a more convenient cooking experience. When the unit does adjust settings during service, the screen will display the changes in real-time so you can accurately monitor the progress of your pastries, vegetables, or meaty entrees! Plus, capable of storing over 1200 recipes, each with up to 12 steps, the oven uses integrated USB and Ethernet technology to help you save, transport, and standardize recipes across multiple units.


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