Radiative barbecue AS1200K2

Radiative barbecue machine AS1200K2 is an automatic standing machine. The machine automatically rotates after the skewers are mounted on it. And because of the heat given to them on both sides, the barbecues are fully cooked. There is no need to move the skewers in this machine.

The body is made of stainless steel (hence, it is recommended that the machine be washed daily with warm water and detergent. Also for surface cleaning and disinfection. Do not use steel wool, abrasive cloth or powder , and wood or nylon can be used if the machine is not wiped.

Other advantages of the AS1200K2 Radiative barbecue include the ability to cook juicy barbecue, high speed roasting, counters for roasting, smokeless cooking, healthy cooking and no need for a skilled chef, Maintained the health of the machine operator, high quality and no damage, no need for skilled manpower and preservation of meat fat.

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Additional information

dimensions of the device:

165*63*200 cm

Weight of machine:

270 Kg

Gas consumption:

Low and optimum (7.3 m3 / h)

Baking Capacity:

700 fry per hour

cooking ability:

Bake a variety of barbecue and barbecue chicks at the same time


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