NPM90 PE Shrink Packing Machine

The NPM90 Shrink Packing Machine is capable of packing cartons or products with insole. This machine is widely used in many industries including food , beverage, cable , carton , pipe and so on. This machine is equipped with pedal stitching.

NPM90 PE Shrink Packing Machine works with three-phase power and features a digital panel, a conveyer rod for better product shrinking, tunnel conveyors (gears and chains, plus rods and refractory lining), device control (relay and contactor), cooling fan , PE Shrink film usability , electrostatic and anti-shock paint , tunnel ease of movement , fixed four-way stand for stitching , no vibration and sound , easy cleaning , easy-to-use and manual and CD guide.

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Additional information


12 Kw


380V 50-60 Hz

Weight of machine:

650 Kg

Production speed (Per minutes):


Maximum product height:

400 mm

Maximum product width:

600 mm

Max roll width:

700 mm

Max Roll Diameter:

350 mm

dimensions of the device:



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