NPA1800 Packaging Machine

The NPA1800 is a fully automatic stitching machine for sewing shrink film automatically. This device is linear and has an input conveyer capable of connecting to production lines of factories and workshops without the need for an operator. Otherwise, as soon as the product is placed on the inlet conveyer by the operator, with the presence of the sensors, the sewing operation will be fully automatic and 100% error free and the product is driven through the outlet conveyer to the tunnel to perform the shrink operation.

Due to the shrink capability of approximately 2000 packages per hour, this machine is perfectly suited for high volume product lines including biscuit, motor oil, roll napkins, dates, toys, candy and more. the tunneling machine is for heating the product sewn by the sewing machine NPA1800 or SR140. this tunnel has an inverter to adjust the speed of the conveyer. Conveyer rods are rolled with silicone coating for better shrinking. the machine has an automatic thermostat to control the temperature inside the tunnel.

NPA1800 single-phase (low power) packing machine, with two convectors for product transfer, with two stainless steel stitching and Teflon coating without switching, high speed for automatic stitching, with film puller sensor, with Protective safety sensor, with automatic waste film picker system, perforated to enhance product shrinkage, OMRON-type PLC, equipped with timer for product spacing system, equipped with two thermoregulator to adjust the temperature of sewing poles, adjustable Height, usable with PVC and POF films  , Electrostatic and shockproof paint, it has four fixed mounts to hold the device in place, easy to operate and no operator required.

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Additional information


2-3 kwh


220-240V 50-60Hz


110 Kg

dimensions of the device:

1600*1000*1900 mm

Maximum product height:

250 mm

Production speed (in hours):

1500-1800 per hour

Max Roll Width:

600 mm

Sewing Frame Dimensions:

350*530 mm


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