Meat Display Chiller

SALINA is the new line of refrigerated semi- ventilated half-over counters suitable for both small and medium-sized surface; it is characterized by 3 models with the same base structure; the difference is the glass system. Its well – dimensioned cooling system ensures a proper display to any kind of fresh food, like cold cuts, dairy products and deli products. The temperature is controlled by an electronic thermostat. Timed defrosting system. The frontal decorations are standard available in the followings RAL colours : Red, Blue, Green, Black, Orange and White.

Ideal Dairy products, Cold cuts, Bread, Snack, Pizza.
Easy installation and positioning.

It ensures a proper display to any kind of fresh food.

Technical Data

  • External dimensions (W*D*H):  152*90*126.2 cm (length included Side-walls 40 mm thick each)
  • temperature +3°C / +5°C
  • Total absorbed power (standard version) built-in unit R452a: 390 W
  • Gas Load: g. 480
  • Voltage: 220 ~ 240 V
  • Single phase
  • Power absorbed by lighting (standard version):  1*36 W
  • Display surface:  0. 83 m²
  • Storage volume in litters: 249
  • 2 Storage door quantity (net size 240×440 mm)
  • Climatic class 3 (Ambient temperature +25°C; Relative humidity 60%)

• With curved tempered glasses (VC)
• With curved tempered glasses and painted steel sheet canopy (VCC)
• With straight tempered glasses (VD)

• The best solution for tight fitting places
• Compact design (only 900 mm depth)
• Made in Italy technology, design and whole production
• Easy installation
• Low power consumption
• Low environmental impact
• Tank made without use of CFC
• Refrigerant gas R404A

• Insulated and thermoformed side-walls (40 mm thick each)
with tempered side glass
• Electronic control panel
• Refrigerated storage with doors
• Neon lighting
• Working top made of non-scratch laminated wood
• Display trays made of white post-painted steel sheet
(ataxic, suitable for food)
• Manual evaporating water tray
• Timed defrosting

Made in Italy – Tecnodom S.P.A – SALINA

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