Marinator is one of the useful tools in industrial kitchen equipment. Marinator are used to process fried Kentucky in fast food, as well as to process and prepare barbecue chickens for restaurants, halls, and protein stores.

After tasting Kentucky chickens, you need to add them a different sauce. This is called marinating or

dressing. Marinating Kentucky chickens is the major use of the monitor.

It automatically adds additives to the food and makes all the additives fit and matched by creating a circular motion. This efficient tool in industrial kitchen equipment is a good tool for flavoring all kinds of meats with desired additives (spices, saffron, lemon juice, oil).

The device is produced in two vacuum and no vacuum models. Vacuum-cooked mariner reduces the time of meat marinating due to vacuum in the tank. This device also reduces the consumption of materials. The price of a morinator will be reasonable and cost effective compared to standard hygiene.

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