Juice extractor Machine

Many people find that scum is completely juicy after the juice is taken , but the better the juicer is , the more it should be dry. It depends on two things: the first is the juice making power and the second is the blade.

A good juicer should have at least 700 watts of power , but it is best for a 1200 watt home juicer. In this case, the high speed of the engine causes the centrifuge to completely remove the juice. But the next point is to have a good blade that will not slow down over time. Most juices use stainless steel blades that are less durable and at the time of juice making destroy some of the vitamins in the juice, but the best are ceramic blades that have a much longer shelf life and do not destroy the fruit juice vitamin.

The inlet of this juicer has a considerable diameter. This allows the consumer to fully juice the fruit without cutting it into smaller pieces. The power button is next to it. Underneath it is a nice, small screen with a speed adjustment screw, which allows the consumer to adjust the speed in several modes (depending on the softness or firmness of the fruits or vegetables used). The waste tank is located separately and at high capacity next to the machine. It is easily removable and washable. The juice tank is designed to prevent splashing or dripping of juice when juicing.

Other benefits of this machine include stainless steel body, stainless steel and stainless steel blade easily detachable and washable, high capacity waste Separable tank, quality and reasonable price, easy cleaning and beautiful design.

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