Industrial vacuum cleaner

An industrial vacuum cleaner is a device having a reservoir, which is created by a  vacuum pump, which  this negative pressure take dirt into the suction tank. An industrial vacuum cleaner is an efficient device used for cleaning, collecting all kinds of hard and massive contaminants and dusting.

All vacuum cleaners in the household, commercial, semi-industrial and industrial categories have two main components, suction power and suction speed. The higher the vacuum suction power of a vacuum cleaner, the greater its ability to absorb high-density heavy materials. Increasing the suction velocity index also increases the ability of the sucker to collect light particles and dust and increases the speed of grooming operations. The power and speed of suction vary in each vacuum cleaner class, and are fitted to the vacuum cleaner depending on the type of motor unit and pump used.

Designing and manufacturing various types of industrial and semi-industrial vacuum cleaners has facilitated many of the previously difficult and complicated processes of cleaning and transportation of materials, and these advanced equipments do such activities with stunning quality, high speed and excellent safety factor.

Suckers are capable of absorbing solids and liquids at the same time, and some types can separate them and return to the consumption cycle.

Industrial vacuum cleaners have the benefits of proper and complete collection of materials, non-return of dust and particles and dust to the environment, complete removal of toxic or flammable dusts and prevention of their return to the environment, maintaining operator and other staff safety, enhancing Considerable speed of operation, super suction power, 76 liter tank, stainless steel, easy displacement and ease of discharge.

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