Industrial stove

The Industrial stove is one of the main necessities of restaurants, industrial kitchens and other cooking centers. This oven is used for cooking all kinds of stews , rice etc. In the oven section of the stove , there is a section for holding rice. The oven section is fully insulated by glass wool. The stove is made of 0.8mm steel. This stove should be connected to urban gas or high pressure gas. This stove is designed and supplied according to customer requirements in 2 flame , 4 flame and 6 flame models.

Industrial oven is designed in two dimensions and with two capacities in the oven.

Dimensions: 90 * 90 * 100 Oven section Capacity: 42 kg pot

Dimensions: 100 * 100 * 110 Oven section Capacity: 60 kg pot

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Additional information

Machine body Material:

Steel cans

Inside the oven:

Standard galvanized sheet with a thickness of one mm


Stainless Steel Warning .8 mm
Includes conduit lamps for each flame
The use of gas valves with high pressure gas connection


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