Industrial rice cooker oven

Rice cooker oven is one of the industrial kitchen equipment used in restaurants, catering, hotels, offices and… for cooking rice. Usually this product is manufactured in two types, one and two capacity. The rice cooker is one of the cooking equipment in the restaurant and catering.

The rice cooker oven is not only for cooking rice and can be used to cook many types of food.

It also takes less space than other traditional cooking equipment due to its high capacity and ability to cook rice.

How to use the rice cooker oven and its function is that after the rice is drained, put it in a bowl or in special pots and put in the machine and after a few minutes your rice is ready.

The most important features of the rice cooker oven, made of 30 x 30 mm steel casing, the surface part of the machine is made of stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 0.8 mm, the inside part is made of galvanized sheet 1 mm thickness, 35 cm flame to increase cooking speed, fully insulated by pressed fiberglass, high pressure valve and usable with urban gas and capsule, with separate lighter for ease of lighting, the device has a height adjustable legs.

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Additional information

Machine Skeleton Material:

40 * 40 iron profile

Exterior wall material:

Stainless steel sheet

Internal wall:

Galvanized sheets

Insulation Material:

Glass or stone wool 5 cm thick

Internal oven dimensions:

100*100*100 cm


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