Industrial Pan

Industrial Pan is a larger type of cooking pan that is used for frying chicken and fish in high volume in hotels, halls and large restaurants. It has an oil tub in which chicken and fish fried in it.

The industrial baking pan is one of the modern industrial kitchen appliances that has been added to industrial kitchens for ease of cooking and observing health and safety issues. this equipment has hinged door and a rotary tub.

One of the important advantages of Al Saed’s baking pan can be the excellent quality, reasonable price, beautiful appearance, compact and suitable for frying some food at the same time.

Swing Machine Specifications:

  • Includes ignition system, spark plug and thermocouple for each flame for complete safety.
  • Specially designed pelvis made of stainless steel sheet in the bottom(10mm) and 2 mm body thickness.
  • Three-layer industrial Teflon coating in the pelvis
  • Equipped with a special coating under the pan for uniform heat transfer throughout the pan.
  • With water inlet valve on the device with easy access and connection to the urban water system
  • Equipped with full pelvic discharge mechanism and 90 degree pan rotation in very easy way
  • Equipped with steel burners (imported) With advanced technology
  • It has stainless steel mounts with adjustable height
  • Easy cleaning and hygiene, easy access to all areas for quick service

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Additional information

Interior and exterior body material:

steel sheet

Gas used:

Municipal gas or liquid (capsule)

Thermocouple gas valve:



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