Gas and electric Boiling Pan

Boiling Pan is used for cooking large quantities of rice or stew. These pots are manufactured in different shapes and sizes. The usage of industrial rice cookers for cooking and brewing rice has made the industrial kitchen environment very clean and provides a good environment for cooking with the lowest heating. It is very convenient to work with industrial rice cookers, it is steam-operated and eliminates the need for oil in cooking rice.

The production of these pots save time, energy, cost and also save the environment.

Benefits of Al Saed rice cooker include excellent quality, reasonable price, easy operation, optimal gas or electricity consumption, saving on oil and rice, no need for skilled workers and hygienic.

Product Specifications:

  • Capacity: 100 and 150 Lit
  • Insulation: ceramic wool (to prevent energy loss and reduce heat exchange with the environment)
  • cooking chamber thickness: 2 mm
  • Type of system: Thermostatic with thermocouple system and spark ignition
  • device Material: Stainless Steel
  • No need to drain the rice
  • Double layer door with silicone sealing tape
  • Equipped with plastic door clamps for use at high temperatures

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