Dish washer machine

The issue of hygiene in the industrial kitchen environment has always been an important priority and for this purpose,we used different innovations for Sanitizing the environment Along with increasing productivity. One of the innovations in the field of industrial kitchen washing and hygiene is the invention of industrial dishwashers.

An industrial dishwasher, like a home dishwasher, increases the speed and hygiene of the industrial kitchen environment. The device has been manufactured and used in a variety of models, with major changes being the capacity, speed and washing accuracy. Benefits of Al Saed’s industrial dishwasher include a rotary system for washing and rinsing, AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel plate, plc automatic control system, high-horsepower Italian electropump, anti-dosing pump for liquid injection Rinse booster disinfectant, 2 kW electric heater wash tank, wash temperature 55 ° C and rinse temperature 85 ° C, key to shut off machine while opening machine door and adjustable during permanent wash or stop washing.

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Additional information

Rinse tank power:

9 kw

Washing time:

Adjustable in 55, 75 and 120 seconds

Dimensions of device in closed door mode:

80*80*140 cm

Dimensions of device in open door mode:

80*80*160 cm

tank Dimensions:

50* 50 cm
16 pcs tank capacity for plate , 100 pcs for spoon and fork , 9 pcs for tray and 25 pcs for mugs


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