Ice maker machine (75 kg)


Crystal clear, pure, hard and long-lasting ice cubes.

Ideal for luxury operations such as hotels, fine dining and high-end bars.

Its fast cooling action and slow dilution keep drinks chilled for a long time.

Produces individual gourmet crystal clear ice cubes.

Resistant stainless steel exterior.

Advanced diagnostics computerized controls.

Front panel in and out airflow (Air-Cooled model only) for built-in installation.

Front access condenser air filter, removable and washable (Air cooled model only).

Model: AC 127

Technical Features:

Condensing system: Air

Max daily production: 75 kg

Max bin capacity: 34 kg

Dimensions without legs: W 680 mm * D 600 mm * H 920 mm

Dimensions with legs: W 680 mm * D 600 mm * H 1009 mm

Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz / 1 Phase

Refrigerant Gas: R290

Ice Size: (Medium) 20 g / Ø 30 x H 34 mm

Air temperature (MIN / MAX):  10 / 43

Water temperature (MIN / MAX): 5 / 38

Electrical voltage (MIN / MAX):  -10 / +10

Made in Italy – SCOTSMAN

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