electric waffle iron GES 23


The professional electric waffle iron GES 23: a turn-key waffle solution!

The professional electric waffle iron GES 23 is equipped with a cast-iron mould, containing four imprints for the cooking of 4 waffles on sticks. 4 golden waffles are cooked at 270 ° C in 2’30 minutes, 96 waffles per hour!

With the waffle maker GES 23 for corn-shaped waffles on sticks, its waffle display (Option P08002Z03), a batch of 500 sticks and a batch of waffle mix, make your waffle concept a real business in a matter of hours! Mix and stick refills are available from Roller Grill.

This electric waffle maker is particularly recommended and appreciated for takeaway, for events, festivals, associations, street-food parties…

This professional waffle iron is designed for pre-cooked frozen waffles, frozen pieces of dough and also for fresh homemade waffles.

The corn-shaped waffle machine GES 23: a real professional waffle maker !

The plates of the corn-shaped waffle machine are made of cast-iron. The use of a cast-iron plate with a high conduction value makes it possible to spread the heat evenly and to obtain well-gold and crispy waffles in just 2’30 minutes. This professional waffle maker is meant for intensive use.

A patented stainless steel tray is placed around the bottom plate of the waffle iron: it recovers excess batter and makes the cleaning very easy.

Features: commutator-thermostat 0-300 ° C, control lights. Delivered with a brush (F05054) and a timer.


– Stainless steel display stand (P08002Z03) for waffles on sticks

– Batch of 500 special sticks for corn-shaped waffles

– Set of 10 kg waffle mix

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Additional information

Waffle size:

100 x 180 x 26 mm


1.6 kW

Outside dimensions:

305 x 440 x 230 mm


22 kg


230 V


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