Gas single range stove

Gas single range stove is one of the primary necessities of catering and restaurants that want to cook the Types of food. This stove is produced in different models. The difference between models is size and burner quantity that produces more heat. This, in turn, increases the power of the stove. This stove is produced in two, three and four burners.

Exterior dimensions of the Gas Hot Plate:

  • Two burners: 50 Length * 50 Width * 35 Height (Dimensions in cm)
  • Two burners: 60 Length * 60 Width * 35 Height (Dimensions in cm)
  • Three burners: 70 Length * 70 Width * 40 Height (Dimensions in cm)
  • Four burners: 100 Length * 100 Width * 40 Height (Dimensions in cm)

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Additional information

Stove body material:

Stainless steel sheet 2 mm thick

Cast iron high pressure flame and torch


Steel case:


Gas cut-off valves:


Heat power:

180000 BTU per hour

Plumbing Material:

stainless steel


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