Gas 3 Deck Oven (pizza oven)-YXY-60A

Technical Features:

Energy type: LPG

Capacity: 3 deck with 6 trays

Tray size: 400 * 600 mm

Voltage: 220V / 50 Hz

Power: 300W

Weight: 281 kg

Dimension: 140 * 99 * 183 cm

Made in China – SOUTHSTAR


Designed with simple and beautiful appearance, the common deck oven is widely used by the vegetable market, mall, supermarket, and bakery for baking cake and moon cake, bread, bean cake, flaky pastry, and some others.

Featuring good layer, less moisture loss, non-deformation, and uniform, and bright colour, food produced with this machine is well received by customers. This product is sturdy and durable.

Made of first-class stainless steel, this machine will not transfer heat or get deformed.


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