electric waffle iron GES 80


The professional electric waffle iron GES 80: a turn-key waffle solution!

The professional electric waffle iron GES 80 is equipped with a cast-iron mould, containing four cylindrical imprints for the cooking of 4 waffles on sticks. 4 golden waffles are cooked at 270 ° C in 2’30 minutes, 96 waffles per hour!

With the waffle maker GES 80 for “Lollipop Waffle”, its waffle display (Option P08002Z03), a batch of 500 sticks and a batch of waffle mix, make your waffle concept a real business in a matter of hours! Mix and stick refills are available from Roller Grill.

These waffles on sticks are a little thicker than the corn-shaped waffles of the waffle machine GES 23. They can be for example cooked with ham, cheese incorporated into the dough to make salted waffles.

This electric waffle maker is particularly recommended and appreciated for takeaway, for events, festivals, associations, street-food partys…

This professional waffle iron is designed for pre-cooked frozen waffles, frozen pieces of dough and also for fresh homemade waffles.

The “Lollipop” waffle machine GES 80: a real professional waffle maker !

The plates of the “lollipop” waffle machine are made of cast-iron. The use of a cast-iron plate with a high conduction value makes it possible to spread the heat evenly and to obtain well-gold and crispy waffles in just 2’30 minutes. This professional waffle maker is meant for intensive use.

A patented stainless steel tray is placed around the bottom plate of the waffle iron: it recovers excess batter and makes the cleaning very easy.

Features: commutator-thermostat 0-300 ° C, control lights. Delivered with a brush (F05054) and a timer.


– Stainless steel display stand (P08002Z03) for waffles on sticks

– Batch of 500 special sticks for waffles on sticks

– Set of 10 kg of waffle mix

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Additional information

Waffle size:

155 x 40 x 40 mm


1.6 kW

Outside dimensions:

305 x 440 x 230 mm


22 kg


230 V


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