Chafers & Chafing Dishes

The chafing dish container is used at Hotels, restaurants and self-service centers to serve breakfast, dinner and lunch, and are designed and manufactured in three rounded, rectangular and oval models.

Chafing dish containers are equipped with a lid that do not make loud noises or damage the containers while closing. 

The warmers which is designed under the containers of chafing dish make the food stay warm. To keep the appearance of chafing dish containers do not use sharp objects on the surface of it. The best way is using liquid soap and a piece of sponge to clean the surface of the container.

The specifications of chafing dish:

  • Has a solid paraffin candle to keep it warm
  • It has two steel Bain-Maries 
  • The entire body is made of the stainless steel
  • It has roll door at the top of it to open and close the Bain-Maries  inside it
  • The base and the door of this product are completely made of stainless steel.

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