Stainless steel hood

The central hood is one of the most basic equipment for collecting heat , odor , smoke , fat and vapors in industrial kitchens and directing them outdoors. We know that high humidity along with excessive heat will damage the ceiling and walls of the kitchen. If we add fats to the kitchen fumes , the process of destroying the walls and ceiling materials will intensify. Hoods can prevent this and play an important role in extending the useful life of a kitchen building by collecting the items listed and directing them outside the industrial kitchen space. In some restaurants, because of the kitchen in the lower floors or basement of the building, the smell of food may disturb the neighbors of the upper floors or the restaurant itself, in which case the role of industrial hoods will be much more bolder. Wall hoods are fastened to the wall with nails and bolts, but in the central hoods we need to have a support from the roof to hold it. Correct installation of the hood will increase the safety and comfort of the personnel while working in the kitchen.

Hoods can also be made of stainless steel or aluminum anodized. Aluminum are used in dry and low humidity environments, but in humid environments, hoods made of stainless steel 304 are used to increase durability of the hood and prevent rust. The thickness of the hoods does not affect the rust, but suitable hoods are used to prevent hoods from being deformed and damaged. The thickness of the stainless steel hoods varies from 0.6 mm to 1 mm. It should be noted that the higher the thickness of the hoods, the stronger the support will be needed. Highlights include easy-to-use, lighting system, excellent quality, reasonable price, beautiful design, tunnel lights per square meter, aluminum degreasers detachable for washing and grease filter.

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