Burger press Industrial Using

Burger press 

Model: Industrial Using

This burger press is due to its stainless steel, very suitable for daily use. Perfect for pressing hamburgers.

An ideal addition in any type of kitchen.

Uniform shape – the burger patties will cook more evenly.

Flat – no more ‘blobs’ of meat to cook. Less mess.

Suitable for all kinds of burgers; beef, pork, turkey, lamb, vegetable.

Non-stick coating ensures quick patty release and easy after-use wash.

  • Parts that come into contact with food are made of stainless steel.
  • Base plate made of anodised aluminium.     
  • Handy lever for removing prepared hamburgers from the press bowl.
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Additional information


5.2 Kg

Product Dimensions:

300 * 250 * 300(h) mm

Burger Size:

100 mm or 130 mm or 150 mm


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