Bakery mixer (cake mixer 60 lit)


Product Name: Bakery Mixer 10 / 20 / 30 Litre with Netting.

High-efficiency motor.

Excellent motor heat dissipation.

3-speed control – suitable for mixing egg, butter, patty or dough.

The internal wall of the bowl is non-stick.

Advance design for hook and stirrer – time-saving

High-class gear system, low noise operation.


Model: BJY-BM60N

Technical Features:

Bowl Capacity: 60 lit

Voltage: 220 ~ 240 V / 1 Phase

Frequency: 50 Hz

Input Power: 2300W

Mixing Speed: (Whisk) 458 – (Beater) 221 – (Hook) 114 (R/min)

Max Dough Capacity: 25* Kg

(*25kg Max Dough Capacity means maximum weight after flour pre-mixed with 50% of water)

Machine Dimension: 910 * 740 * 1600 mm

Weight: 363 Kg

Made in Malaysia – BERJAYA

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