Automatic skewer washer

The AS200V automatic grinder is used for washing and cleaning all types of skewer in restaurants.The ability to wash a large amount of kebab skewer in an hour and save water and detergent consumption is one of the benefits of this machine in the restaurant.

To get started, you must first connect the device to the urban water and electricity and wastewater. You should then fill the tank with the detergent solution and water under the shaft. Finally, insert the skewers into the machine and press the Start button to do the washing.

The AS200V is a three-wall all-steel automatic grinder. It is used for washing all kinds of aluminum and steel skewers. This device is equipped with a timer and a reversing round. Skewer waher compartment is cylindrical, netted and steel, the advantage is that the skewer won’t be tilted. dirty material clinging to the skins is removed and exits the compartment. Other skewer washer machine do not have a reticular compartment, and the water rotates in the same compartment with the dirt and does the washing. Due to less water consumption, this device also saves water consumption. Using this machine you can clean 300 kebab skewer in 20 minutes.

The AS200V automatic skewer waher has other benefits such as automatic shut-off after cleaning, hygienic principles and complete rinsing without stain, excellent quality, saving on detergent, optimal design, No need for skilled worker, easy operation, minimal noise pollution due to double crust and time saving.

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Additional information


100*50*90 cm

Engine power :

1 HP

Washing time:


Exterior body material:


Material of tank:



300-600 skewer in 10 minute


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