Kebab Skewer Machine AS500H

Automatic kebab skewer machine is one of the most used devices in restaurants and food cooking centers. Skewering kebab in high quantity is difficult and time consuming. So to solve this problem, using automatic kebab skewer is very affordable.

Automatic kebab skewer machine model AS500H is suitable for restaurant and catering. capacity of machibe is more than 800 skewers per hour. This machine is useful for establishment and launching on a modern restaurant.

Automatic kebab skewer machine model AS500H equipped with hydraulic system and two sensors for high safety, automatic counter and emergency switch, pressure regulation system and the capability of quick adjustment of meat weight and mold of kebab is custom( dimensions and weight of kebab), meanwhile the cover of machine is stainless steel.


(This machine is supplied in full automatic and home use models)


General specification of automatic kebab skewer machine model AS500H:


  • Skewering without manual task by observing hygienic principles.
  • Similar skewering, cause the better barbecuing and not pouring kebab
  • Suitable appearance quality
  • Similar baking of kebab
  • Simple operation process
  • No contamination transmission
  • Time and Energy savings

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Additional information

Engin power:

3 kWh

hydraulic pump:


Skewer Speed:

800 skew per hour

Oil Tank Capacity:

30 liters


200 Kg


105 * 700 *110 cm


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