Hamburger Machine ASV1

Automatic Hamburger Machine model ASV1 is suitable for providing kinds of hamburger and cutlet. The hydraulic system of the machine increases the efficiency of it. In this machine after the meat is ready, the prepared hamburger cover with cellophane.

This machine is used in fast-food and prepared food centers. The mold of hamburger is designed according to the customers’ order and requirement. The weight of hamburgers varies between 50gr to 150gr and the thickness is between 5mm to 15mm.

Using Automatic Hamburger Machine cause energy saving, because the gas and water consumption in this machine is zero.

The most important specifications of Automatic Hamburger Machine that can be mentioned are the similar size of hamburgers, simple operation process, good appearance quality, no contamination transmission and time saving.

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Additional information


1000 Hamburger per hour

Electric consumption:

200V- 50Htz- 14A

Compartment Capacity:


Oil tank Capacity:


Motor Power:




Weight of machine:


Mechanism System



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