Simonelli appia Life Coffee Machine

Appia Life: A guarantee of success

Appia Life is created based on the success of the Appia. With its high productivity and high performance, this machine is appreciated by thousands of baristas worldwide.
Simple and innovative.

Appia life stands out, not only for its proven reliability but also for the modern style that makes it unique. It is the perfect coffee machine for large companies, coffee shop chains or wherever there is a need to prepare an abundance of great coffee.

Appia Life is designed to save energy , sustain the environment, and be cost-effective.


Appia Life is able to prepare up to 250 cappuccinos (2 groups version) on daily basis. The machine consisteny is based on two technologies: SIS system, allowing a consistent result, and Easycream that grant a quick and automatic making of dense and velvety milk cream.


Appia Life has DRYTEX THERMICAL technology insulation that reduces 13% of energy consumption compared to the Appia II. Thanks to its new thermal system, new materials, and general optimization of the mechanical components, Appia Life has 20% less environmental impact compared to the Appia II.


Appia Life makes productivity even more efficient thanks to its ergonomic style, improving the service speed and assisting the barista in day-to-day performances. Appia Life has been designed to be more efficient when it comes to maintenance too.


The new XT version completes the Appia Life machine family. The performance remains unchanged compared to the standard version, but the Appia Life XT has evolved in the form and in the innovative details that imporove the final result.

Two kind Of APPIA Life Coffe Maker :

XT Series :
The XT is a new Appia Life version with TFT dispLay that grants a better user experience showing the most important data about dose program, counters, cleaning, setting and buttons and display brightness.

Standard Series :

The Appia Life STANDARD version is composed of the following configurations: 2-3 groups ; compact [2 groups] and 1 group. You can put everywhere your Appia Life mantaining high performance , high quality with less energy consumption!.

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