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Preaparing equipment

Preaparing resturant equipment

List of preparation equipment for restaurants and industrial kitchens

Undoubtedly, the success and excellence of all catering businesses range from small fast food to industrial restaurants and kitchens to the taste and quality of their food.

There are many factors that make food taste better and different, such as the right ingredients, the art of cooking and the cooking equipment. But there is one factor that usually gets less attention is the quality of the food preparation equipment. In fact, it’s the ring that gives chefs the standard quality ingredients to prepare the best kind of food.


Automatic Chicken Skewer Machine

Al Saed Co meat slicer machine

Automatic Meat Cutting Machine


Automatic Potato Peeler Machine


Chafers & Chafing Dishes

Al Saed Co deboning machine

Deboning machine

dough mixer

Dough Mixer Machine

vegtable cutter

Electric food cutter machine


Electric water boiler


Gastronorm pan (GN pan)

Al Saed Co hamburger machine ASV2

Hamburger Machine ASV1

Al Saed Co hamburger machine ASV2

Hamburger Machine ASV2

Automatic Kebab Maker AS400H

kebab skewer machine AS400H

Automatic Kebab Maker AS500H

Kebab Skewer Machine AS500H

Automatic Kebab Maker AS600h

Kebab Skewer Machine AS600H

Automatic Kebab Maker AS700H

Kebab Skewer Machine AS700H


Meat mincer machine


Stainless steel service trolley

Stainless steel work table


Vegetables Cutting Machine