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Packaging Equipment

Packaging restaurant equipment

List of packaging equipment for restaurants and industrial kitchens

Packaging equipment includes vacuum sealers used for packaging restaurant food and disposable packaging. Other vacuum sealers include vegetable packaging, cereal packaging, pickling, chicken and fish packaging, falafel and dumpling and other foods.
Packaging equipment can be used in all kinds of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, corporate


NPA1800 Packaging Machine

ASM90 PE Shrink Packing Machine

NPM90 PE Shrink Packing Machine


Sealer machine

shrink pack models nps80

Shrink Pack Machine Model NPS80


Shrink Pack R80 Packing Machine

Shrink pack NP70

Shrink Packing Machine NP70

Shrink Packing Machine NPV100

Shrink Packing Machine NPV100


Vacuum Sealer NPR200

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