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Cooking Equipment for restaurants

cooking restaurant equipment

List of cooking equipment for restaurants and industrial kitchens

In general, cooking equipment includes a stove, barbecue, grill, grills and all the utensils that cook the raw materials of any kind of food and prepare it. The variety of machines varies depending on the type of food we plan to cook. For example, the machines used to bake traditional foods are quite different from fast food and sandwiches.

Alsaed Arabian Gas Oven

Arabian Gas Oven

alsaed Shawarma Coal Gas Grill

Charcoal shawarma machine

Automatic Grilled Chicken Machine

Chicken Grill Machine


Electric or gas chicken oven (table top)


Electric Salamander Grill

Al Saed Co Dry and wet counter

Electric steam warmer container

Electric warm counter

Electric warm counter

alsaed Gas and electric Boiling Pan

Gas and electric Boiling Pan

alsaed Gas single range stove

Gas single range stove

Twin Shawarma Stand Gas Grill

Gas stand double shawarma machine


Industrial Pan

Gas Range

Industrial stove

Alsaed Radiative barbecue machine AS1200K1

Radiative barbecue AS1200K1


Radiative barbecue AS1200K2

Radiative barbecue machine AS1200K2

Radiative barbecue AS1200K3

Electric Combi Oven | Rational Combination Ovens

Rational Combination Ovens

Radiative barbecue salamander AS1000K

Salamander AS1000K

salamander PS1100K1

Salamander AS1100k1

salamander PS1100K2

Salamander AS1100K2

Shawarma Desktop Gas Grill or doner kebab machine

Shawarma Desktop Gas Grill

Shawarma Stand Gas Grill

Stand gas shawarma machine (with cabinet)