Consultation, design and equipping of industrial kitchens

owadays, production and distribution of food by following the health principles and in industrial scale, is one of the most extensive and active industries all over the world.

Certainly, the primary principles of these industries is designing and execution of industrial kitchens with a high capacity of food production in numerous and hygienic scale.

Following the rational principles of work in industrial kitchens in entrance spaces, delivery of raw materials, storage, refrigerator, preparation, cook, self-service, packaging, lading, waste disposal and washing with the economic considerations like (optimal equipment selection, optimization of energy, justify initial investment and …) are the cases that is possible just by an accurate and principled designing that makes the entry of engineering group inevitable.

Al Saed  Industrial and Manufacturing Group with a great precedent and reputation help you with companionship as a consultant, designer and executor of industrial kitchens.