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Factors affecting the type of furnishing a modern kitchen!

It is undoubtedly very expensive and sometimes impossible to equip a restaurant’s industrial kitchen with all the necessary facilities. There are many factors that affect how a restaurant’s kitchen is equipped. The type of restaurant menu and its quality of food, the location of the restaurant as well as the amount of restaurant space are all factors in choosing the equipment needed for your modern kitchen.
The design and layout of equipment in a modern in such way that workers can easily perform their duties. This simple point will increase work efficiency.
Before you implement any food service operations inside your restaurant, you must first purchase high quality equipment. It should be noted that without good kitchen equipment, you cannot serve the right dishes to your customers.
If you are planning to start a restaurant, you can buy the best restaurant equipment from al Saed and get the necessary advice.

The name of the restaurant

The most exciting part of setting up a restaurant is choosing the name. Keep in mind that the name is not unrelated to the customer’s attraction and success, and the name of a restaurant can partly indicate the context of that restaurant.


It is important to have a comprehensive plan to succeed in this business and you can estimate your costs and set up a restaurant. It is our recommendation to entrust this important task to the al saed’s experts.

Menu writing, skilled recruitment, advertising and decoration design are other steps in the restaurant business.

Cost of setting up a restaurant

The cost of setting up a restaurant depends on many factors, which we will highlight below.
space and area of restaurant

Design and decoration that you are considering

Choosing the essentials of a restaurant such as kitchen appliances

Advertising and opening ceremony

Number of Personnel and Staff

Costs you must pay for obtaining the necessary licenses



Purchasing restaurant equipment

As you know, special equipment is needed to set up a restaurant. That you buy the equipment according to the menu of choice for your restaurant. In order to make a cost-effective and smart purchase, you can have a memorable time by entrusting this task to the professional team of al saed who have been active in this field for many years. As well as our professional team familiarizing with companies and factories of restaurant products and equipment will help you to purchase these products consciously.


A few helpful tips for designing a restaurant kitchen

Understanding the importance of the role of the kitchen in restaurants

The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant. Where your menu becomes a reality. It is a place where food is prepared and cooked. Where dirty dishes are collected, food is stored and all your utensils and equipment are stored. Unlike the home kitchen, where you and your family are alone, a restaurant kitchen is the workplace of many people. Therefore, order and organization in this space is very important. Everything has to have its own place and everything has to be in place. This not only saves time in busy times, it also helps keep the kitchen healthy. 

Enough knowledge of different types of industrial ovens

Industrial ovens are specifically designed for high volume cooking. Although they are one of the most expensive equipment you buy, authentic and quality samples have decades of useful life. The variety of foods on your restaurant menu determines what kind of industrial ovens you need. For example, if you have some barbecues in your main menu, you will need a large grill. Another thing to consider when choosing a gas, oven or grill is the HVAC air conditioning system, which includes a hood and fire safety. 


Consider what 2nd hand equipment and what new equipment you should buy 

There are some 2nd hand kitchen appliances that is better to buy because they are short lived. For example, buying ice makers is a good idea because they often don’t last more than a few years and can be expensive when repaired. Industrial ovens are ideal for new purchases because they have a long life.

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