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One of the businesses that is always thriving is fast food . People are always interested in eating out of the house, and they also have a good price for eating classy food.

Many fast food startups ignore the basics, which will later face some problems in managing it, which will reduce the efficiency of your fast food.

So to be successful in a project, even though it is a small project, consulting and training are an essential part of it.


History of Fast Food

Fast food is a food made from fast food restaurants. Sandwiches, burgers, cheeseburger and other burgers, fish and shrimp, hot dogs, chicken or steak fillets, fries, fried chicken, chicken nuggets, taco (pizza), pizza and salads in the restaurant menu you will face!

In ancient Rome, there were store selling bread and olives. In East Asia there were shops offering ready-made noodles. In the Middle East, we’ve had falafel sales booths for years. There were all kinds of ready-made in ancient India. In West African countries, they used to sell brooches from the past, a kind of wooden barbecue.

But today’s fast food was born exactly on July 7th 1912 and in the US. On this day, a restaurant called “Automat” opened in New York, which was a kind of cafeteria. They put pre-made foods in glass heater containers and customers bought them through coin machines.

Automat soon opened several branches around the US and remained unbeaten for 20 years. The top at the entrance to Automat’s restaurants, “We’ve reduced the work of mothers.” After Automat, it came to the US company White Castle whose hamburgers were only five cents, which was really affordable for customers.

In addition to lowering the price, they had another innovation: they put the food line in such a way that all customers could easily see how the food was prepared. In the year 1940 McDonald’s, the name was found to be synonymous with the fast food industry. The McDonald’s brothers, Dick and Mac, started with a barbecue. But customers no longer needed to get out of their car to get food.

Their barbecue was called driving.

After eight years, the McDonald’s brothers closed their restaurant for three months when they saw most of their profits came from hamburgers, and when they reopened in year 1948 their menu was short and simple: hamburgers, fries, some shakes), Coffee and Coca-Cola, all of which were already prepared and packaged. Salespeople no longer had to wait for customers to order. The price of each hamburger was 15 cents, which was half the price of elsewhere.

In the year 1961, one person bought the McDonald’s concession and expanded its ideas and transformed it. This person’s name was “Ray Crack” and this is his sentence: To understand the beauty of a tomato inside a hamburger requires a certain kind of intelligence. After McDonald’s, many fast food chains emerged, most of them in the United States.


What is the most important factor in launching a fast food?

If a fast food values the comfort and satisfaction of its customers and adheres to all aspects of its business, it can be a reason for a fast food to succeed. Customer respect reflects your fast food status.

When you pay special attention to the customer, the customer will not only never forget your fast food but will recommend it to other people as well.

Creativity can be considered another factor in the success of a fast food. An attractive creative idea can surprise a customer.

People around the world know the KFC Kentucky chicken. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Launched in 1952 in the US state of Kentucky by a person named Colonel Harland Sanders, it currently has close to thirteen thousand branches in more than 100 countries.

But what is the reason for this brand’s success? Why do people in the world know the name Kentucky Fried Chicken? This is because KFC presented its product with different creative features such as different cooking and the type of spices used in it. Prior to this, most people ate boiled chicken or fried it.


Setting up restaurant and fast food training from zero to one hundred


Fast food equipment

Fast food equipment is one of the most important parts of fast food startup which plays a very important and special role in delivering the final product to the customer and making fast food profit.

If you have the best chefs and use the best and most quality raw materials but lack the right equipment, you can never cook great food and keep the customer happy. So choosing and purchasing fast food equipment is a very technical and complicated task only for those with experience in the industry.

Al Saed Industrial Group, with many years of experience in providing fast food equipment, is well aware of the different brands and quality of fast food equipment. Understanding the real needs of the industry in recent years, the group has been supplying fast food equipment, which is a huge help to customers.

It should be noted that the sale of fast food equipment by Al Saed Industrial Group, along with setting up consulting and tutorial to comfort our dear customers. We also have a strong after-sales service to assist you as soon as possible in the event of any bugs in your equipment.



Fast food consulting

Never make sure that you set up a fast food and sell it properly. Your business is always under threat from society, in fact, there are small and large risks that surround you and reduce the visibility and disappearance of your business prospects.

Al Saed is one of the most experienced in launching fast food, fast food consulting and expanding the market for small and large fast food. We are the one that will meet all your needs for advice, conversation and information.

Al Saed Industrial Group’s consulting team is ready for any occasion to respond appropriately to your knowledge needs by meeting you in it’s office or by phone and significantly reducing the risk of loss or risk of your activity.

Depending on what change you want to make in your portfolio, our dedicated consultants will help you, esteemed investors, identify the best way to reduce your financial risk by investigating the threats and opportunities. And a complete, detailed executive roadmap is provided to serve you.

Contact us immediately about purchasing fast food equipment and supplies as we are one of the leading providers of fast food startups and supplies that we can provide; Guide you to the product line you have in your fast food or your fast food kitchen space with regard to your cash and purchasing power. Here the equipment will come to you at remarkable prices without any intermediary

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