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Consultation on setting up and equipping an industrial kitchen

Restaurant and industrial kitchen equipment is one of the most important items for setting up a restaurant or industrial kitchen. The design of the industrial kitchen should be carefully and elegantly done. But there is an important question. Are these people familiar with the concept of industrial kitchen?

Learn about the concept of industrial kitchen

Industrial kitchen means commercial kitchen, in which cooking are carried out for commercial purposes. These kitchens need professional, different and modern equipment and appliances to provide customers with quality food in the shortest possible time.
A professional industrial kitchen is for professional cooking in huge size. The kitchens have a number of chefs and simple people who are all helping and cooking.
The spread of technology to the food industry has resulted in significant time and cost savings


Industrial kitchen design steps

Provide a list of required kitchen sections

Make a detailed menu with all the details of how you want to cook, Maintenance method, preparation in the industrial kitchen. This is one of the most important steps in the design of an industrial kitchen and must be done before selecting the space and equipment. This is one of the most important steps in the design of an industrial kitchen and must be done before selecting the space and equipment.

Before you know what food you want to prepare, you can never specify the equipment you need. Also consider the things you intend to add to your menu in the future




Provide a list of kitchen equipment needed

Provide a detailed list of equipment needed (with the exact sizes of each machine) for cooking your meals, including dry storage, a top-zero freezer, main cooking section and delivery and serving area.

Determine whether you need a movable refrigerator or a standing fridge and freezer.
The size and amount of equipment, the location of food preparation and delivery, determine the amount of space needed in your kitchen.
Choose the right place to set up an industrial kitchen

Locate your industrial kitchen. Determine whether you will build a new building or change an existing business location. Make all the forecasts about the city and where you want to set up your kitchen . If you are rebuilding a building, take precise measurements of available spaces. Note the locations of windows, doors, switches and sockets, pipelines and floor drains.

Draw a map of the available spaces and specify the floor, walls, ceiling, location of the heating and cooling equipment and the outlet. Provide a blueprint for a new building with construction sizes and features.


design and use of kitchen space

Plan how you want to use your industrial kitchen space. Ergonomics are the first option to consider when it comes to the kitchen. industrial kitchens should be designed for maximum workforce productivity, safety and efficiency.

Make sure there is enough room to handle the hot dishes and bulky raw materials. If employees don’t have to waste a lot of time on extra work to get a job done, their performance will increase and fatigue and injury will decrease.

The final step in setting up an industrial kitchen

Hire a professional architect or building contractor to design an industrial kitchen and blend all structures rules considering the laws of the health sector.

Prior to purchasing equipment or commencing construction or reconstruction, the detailed work plan must be reviewed and officially approved by both health and building safety experts.

Schematic drawings should include electrical wiring, fire alarm installation maps, emergency routes and access to plumbing, electrical program installation, and a complete list of all building materials.

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