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How to set up a coffee shop successfully?

Al Saed Industrial Group will accompany you with specialized training in setting up a coffee shop. We provide detailed information and new ideas for coffee and hot and cold drinks. Al saed will give you brief descriptions and tips to help you get started with your coffee business and coffee shop.
There were 53987 coffee shops in the United States in the year2015, a significant increase from two years before there were 52684. This figure is still growing and this business is growing.
When you look at these numbers, you realize that the coffee shop is a good business. With 8 million US coffee consumers alone, it’s no wonder the industry is booming. This is the best opportunity if you want to combine your passion for coffee with a passion for business.
Perhaps if it were until just 10 or 20 years ago that someone would claim that a business such as a coffee shop would be thriving in the coming years, it would be unbelievable.
But nowadays, this job is so open to the public that there is less coffee shop available to make up for the lack of income. People who mix a little bit of creativity and new ideas are always more successful. In the meantime, we can honestly say that the best job of implementing pure and entrepreneurial ideas is to set up a coffee shop.
Most people who prefer a coffee shop instead of home have two main reasons: one is the seductive drink and food that, with strange names, desire to eat at least once creates a new sense of experience. The second reason, perhaps more important than the previous one, is to gain exciting experiences.
Most coffee shops are designed to be out of the ordinary.


Get enough work experience before you get started

Al Saed Industrial Group, with many years of experience in setting up and supplying coffee shop equipment, is ready to help you along the way.
It is useful and even necessary to have a working experience in coffee shop to set up a coffee shop.
If you’ve never worked in the field, working in a café or coffee shop for at least a couple of weeks is not only useful but also essential. In addition, you will learn many things that can be expensive to learn in a toddler cafe. Applying these lessons to your own coffee shop will undoubtedly be very valuable.
Talk to people who work in the coffee shop and ask for help. As long as you don’t mind competing with them, be sure that they will help you a lot!


Your coffee shop location is very important




Take a look at the successful coffee shops in your city and the area where they are located. they have already struggled to identify the busy sections of the city.
Think of situations where you are returning home from work and are very tired. You need coffee and your favorite coffee shop is at least half an hour away from your main road. In this situation, you prefer a not-so-favorite coffee shop that is just a street away from your place of business and is right on your way, right?
What I want to share with you from the example above is that you may have to rent a good place in a busy, crowded area, but be sure it costs.
Maybe your strategy is that by choosing a relatively quiet place and paying less rent you can spend on buying better coffee or even more stylish decoration. It might not be bad to take a look at the successful coffee shops in your city and the area where they are located. Most likely, they have already struggled to identify the busy sections of the city.


Consider the amount of space needed to choose the right coffee shop location

The number of people you expect to be able to host on a daily basis directly affects the size of the space, the number of employees, the amount you want to pay for the location, and even where you want to start.
Note the following figures:

Cafe with capacity from 15 to 45 : 60 to 100 square meters

Cafe with capacity of 45 to 100 people: 100 to 200 square meters

High-capacity cafe for up to 100 people: over 200 square meters

Instead of looking for the right place first and then thinking about other things, first answer the question of how many people you want to host per day?

Do you want to set up a café, or crowded space with stylish, comfortable furniture and decoration something you have in mind?

Determine the capacity of your café with different parameters and look for the right location based on the area you need, not vice versa

Learn about coffee


The skill of making coffee has quickly become the norm. A new generation of independent coffee shop professionals are helping to grow coffee makers. Chain coffee shops are also expanding their reputation over the years to come.

Loyal customers are also demanding more social services. Now is the time to get to know real coffee.

Here are some blogs that will help you get enough information:

Choose your equipment suppliers carefully



Some people prefer to get their equipment from different suppliers, but some are easier to get their equipment from just a few suppliers.

If you are lucky, you will find good suppliers to meet all of your material procurement needs. Equipment suppliers will help you grow your business in order to promote this industry and with its international reputation. For example, they will share their knowledge and insights and become a tool for expanding your business.

For example, when it comes to coffee, quality (in other words taste and freshness) is key. Coffee consumers are becoming more aware of the quality of coffee day by day and you need to make sure you provide the best coffee beans, machines and on-site training to keep your customers happy.

There are a lot of suppliers in the market (and a lot of them that don’t work well!) But choosing the right one can be very difficult.

In some coffee shops you can choose from more than twenty types of espresso and coffee bean filters. You may want to consider some factories such as Espresso Verheus to supply certain products such as syrups, teas, chocolate drinks, snacks, essentials and more.